Application Period

  • Now – 31 March, 2018

*The time period may be a little varied depending on the universities.


Application Process



Fill the basic information. Our senior consultant will contact you after online registration. In this step, we will apply the universities for you. After application, wait for the offer.

Provide guidance on the preparation before going to China.

   Instructions and services after your arrival at China.



Online Application Form 

Click the above link and finish the online registration, you will get one consultant to serve you for free.


Application check list

*For the preparation of all the documents mentioned above, our consultant will assist you in preparing them one by one for free.


Language Proficiency Requirement

Chinese-delivered Program 

  • Mother tongue is Chinese (live abroad for a long time with Foreign Nationality )
  • Passed the required HSK Level Art/BA of Chinese Language.
  • Have finished a Chinese-delivered/Chinese-major degree program

 *If you are not good at Chinese, you can still apply and get offer. But you will need to attend the preparatory Chinese course.

English-delivered Program (Must meet one of the following requirements) 

  • Mother tongue is English
  • English is one of official Language
  • IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 80 or TOEIC 700(only for English-delivered business degree program)
  • Have finished a English-delivered/English-major degree program

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