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To discover history ,  experience culture ,

study Chinese and expand horizons

  • Initiative —– We are the creators of the concept of studying abroad in China, and we are the first to establish  ” study abroad ”  programs in China .  We already have many short-term, long-term, and holiday programs, and we are constantly developing additional courses for our participants.
  • Flexibility  —— We provide a variety of programs and a wide range of courses so that participants may choose what, where and how they should study. Additionally, housing is flexible–participants choose to live on campus, in hotels or with home stay families.
  • Accredited courses  ——- Participants can gain College Credits in accordance to their study plans , and the best – known Chinese universities will issue official documents to show how many credits the participants have earned (based on the length of the study in China ) .
  • Locations  ——- All the courses are located at world known historic places, with relevant consideration to the subjects the participants have chosen. They are comfortable, safe and conveniently located.


【   Highly   Recommended   】


Beijing Imperial Culture Course 


Beijing  was the capital  of  both  the  Ming  and  Qing dynasties , and these dynasties have left Beijing abundant in historic relics. The Forbidden City still represents the greatness and delicacy of the preceding imperial life. The Ming Tombs illustrate the traditional Chinese conflicts between Yin and Yang (the two  basic  elements  of  the  Chinese  study Feng Shui  )  . The Great  Wall highlights the skill and compassion with which humankind is able to conquer nature. Finally, the small alleyways common to Beijing, known as ” Hutong’s ” express both the past and present living conditions and culture of the typical Beijinger .


Yunnan and Guangxi Course 


Yunnan  and  Guangxi  are  two of  the main provinces that are dominated by minority groups .  The minority  peoples  live  in unison with those of the Han nationality ,  yet  they still clearly retain their own cultural customs. They are famous  for  their  folk  songs  and  dances . There  you will have chances to witness  the  Folk Songs Exhibit , where  more than 50 different nationalities will send representatives to participate . Also , you will visit the homelands of minority  people  in  order  to more closely experience their special life. If you are a lover of sightseeing, this will be your best choice!


Suzhou Course 


Suzhou, a city in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, is considered as beautiful as the paradise . A major tourist city , it features classic gardens and elegant natural scenery . Besides classic gardens, Suzhou is also famous for Kunqu Opera and Pingtan (  ballad – singing  in  Suzhou dialect ) . Among  the local products , there are silk ; handicrafts  such as embroidery , fans , traditional Chinese musical  instruments , lanterns, furniture, jade carving, silk tapestry, traditional painting pigments , New Year pictures of wood – block prints , etc ; and big-gate crabs from Yangcheng Lake.